Help Spread the Word

Mar 28, 2013

  • Are there children in your neighborhood?
  • Do you have grandchildren that are camp age?
  • Are you interested in sponsoring a child for a camp week?
  • Send some brochures out with literature from your church.
  • Take a few to co-workers who have children.
  • Leave a few at your doctor’s office.
  • Take some to a school or ‘little league’ sporting event.
  • Does your AWANA or kids program announce MTYC?
  • Do your children have camp age friends at school?
  • Set aside a Saturday to hand some out at a park.

Contact us here if you need brochures. Thanks for your help!

Help Spread the Word

Are you volunteering or attending a week of camp?

Use our facebook page to help spread the word.

  1. Go to our facebook events page
  2. Select your camp week. (i.e. Jr Teen Week)
  3. Click “Join” 
  4. Then click invite friends and in invite all of your friends.